26 December 2010

Glossy. True Beauty in Print.

The Los Angeles Times Magazine was redesigned many moons ago with breathtaking results, particularly this cover featuring Mad Men's Christina Hendricks. Inside the design is crisp and clear. Newspaper magazines of this caliber put the dull offerings of the Australian press to shame – The Australian Financial Review Magazine a worthy exception.

09 December 2010

Doodler. Creative Capers.

Flipping through The Australian Women's Weekly some months ago, I was delighted to stumble on this rather artistic reworking of a Nicole Kidman portrait. It is a striking use of texta and highlighter that would do Arlene TextaQueen proud.

07 December 2010

Pie Report. Gloopy Gloop.

Up a side street in Bowral there is a bakery cheaper than those on the main street, and with far friendlier staff. This little bakery makes quite good apricot danishes and croissants. As for the pies, not so successful. A rather weird chicken pie was purchased recently from the lovely young student who works there. The near dreadful creation featured chicken pieces suspended in a thick glutinous substance all encased in a thick and flavourless pastry. I think I'll stick with the croissants.

01 December 2010

Pinboard. Midweek Social at Carriage Works.

The second Midweek Social took place at Carriage Works in November 2010 as part of the P4 (Pilot) program and the Live Live festival. The line-up included the brilliant Robbie McGregor as compere, The Knife Waltz with their dazzling burlesque show, Paris (not the city Paris) on the tarot table with the Wheel of Fortune, John and Joy on the Photobooth, Katrina Jamieson-Toy was impeccable on the door and Sarah Mosca, Vanila Netto and Clementine Barnes excelled with their snaps. Along with a meat raffle, Twister and Rubik's cube competition, Midweek Social guests played the night away on a range of retro board games winning prizes from eras gone past.

Doodler. Messed With Marriage.

Our doodler made their way through The Weekend Australian Magazine [3-4 April 2004] and added his or her flourish to this picture of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The original caption reads 'Mess with marriage and marriage will mess with you.' Judging by the scribe, I think this doodler was no fan of royalty.

Doodler. Hoofin' It.

I thought it might be nice to share a chuckle. I came across the July 2010 issue of Voyeur, complete with drawings made by a bored flier. While it as it the expense of a beautiful young woman, the drawing was no doubt inspired by the 'hoofing it' heading nearby. Elsewhere, a beautiful model gets a beard, there's a terrific drawing of a Lego man, and another woman gets a moustache and a nose strip - now that's random. I also liked the subtle use of eyeliner on the Tom Cruise cover. It makes Tom just that little bit more devilish.