24 February 2011

Pie Report. Nanna's Gramma.

At the end of our family holidays - we always went to the same place - we would stop at the Nambucca fruit stall and mum would buy some gramma, a kind of pumpkin. This was odd because our dinner plates were more likely to be loaded with three types of meat and a single vegetable, so the purchase of an unusual vegetable was irregular. On return to Sydney mum would bake gramma pies which she'd serve with runny cream and a sprinkle of sugar. They were delicious and I looked forward to them. For some reason gramma pies popped into my head a few days ago, so it was a surprise to actually see an A-frame sign in a local Newcastle bakery advertising their availability. It was lunch time so I ventured a mushroom pie and a selected a gramma pie for a sweet treat later. Unfortunately, the gramma pie was a mistake with a too sweet sugary filling the over-riding sensation.

3.75 Pastry
3.00 Filling
3.00 Tastiness
2.75 Structure
3.00 Value

SCORE | 2.90

2.75 Pastry
2.25 Filling
2.00 Tastiness
3.00 Structure 
2.00 Value

SCORE | 2.40