28 March 2011

First 13. Hunter St.

17 March 2011

Pinboard. Free For All.

Like Five or Free, Free for All is about finding new homes for my images. Following an artist talk at the University of Newcastle, I gave away a couple of hundred images to interested students (lucky punter above). The images are from previous Wunderwall installations, The bucket was on the move at NAS Gallery and There are too many things in the cupboard at the ANU's School of Art Gallery.

11 March 2011

Pie Report. Never Again.

Pies are the perfect in-a-rush food. You can grab one, scoff it down and be back on your way without wasting more than a couple of minutes eating. I was in that position earlier today and risked a chicken and vegetable pie from a Daily Bakehouse outlet in inner Newcastle. While it was better than I was expecting, I did have a few issues besides the rather unappealing look of it. The pastry was too thick and the only vegetable was corn. As for the consistency, it was a jelly-like substance that resembled the Blob.

Chicken & Vegetable
2.25 Pastry
2.50 Filling
2.00 Tastiness
3.00 Structure
2.00 Value

SCORE | 2.45