28 April 2011

Pie Report. Good Stroganoff.

Easter means time off and time off means time to explore somewhere new. Nelson Bay was the destination, and it was certainly worth every moment spent getting there. Beautiful surroundings, an amazing view from the summit and a pretty good pie from Red Ned's Gourmet Pie Bar. From a dazzling array of options including ostrich, crocodile, teriyaki kangaroo and a lobster, prawn and barramundi pie, I chose a quite subdued Beef Stroganoff considering the choices offered. At $5.50 a pop, how did Red Ned's pies fare:

Beef Stroganoff
3.75 Pastry
3.75 Filling
4.00 Tastiness
4.00 Structure
2.75 Value

SCORE | 3.65

Steak Diane by guest judge Pete McLean of Art Out & About.
3.00 Pastry
3.50 Filling
4.25 Tastiness
4.00 Structure
3.00 Value

SCORE | 3.55