30 May 2011

Pie Report. Deb Delivers.

When time is short pies provide a quick no-fuss lunch. Running late and en route to Sydney desperation called for a Darby's pie stop. So far I have avoided this Novacastrian institution, scared off in part by a signs advertising pies for a dollar. I'm pleased to report that I was surprised, if slightly bemused, by a tasty potato pie for just $2. This peculiar little pie consisted of a Deb - a powder-like substance that when mixed with water magically becomes mashed potato - topping sitting above a layer of pastry which kept the filling in place below. The topping could be lifted off with ease, and perhaps even used as a frisbee if you were caught without one at a picnic. Despite my reservations, this pie was delicious! Though there are no visible signs yet, I fear that if I continue eating pies at my current rate, my girth will grow exponentially.

Steak & Potato
2.75 Pastry
3.25 Filling
3.25 Tastiness
3.25 Structure
4.75 Value