24 June 2011

Roaming. Reliably unreliable.

It's c'est la via to my cherished car and bonjour to CityRFail. For those outside of Sydney, CityFail is our Metro, Underground, Subway etc. CityFail stretches to Newcastle - two hours away by car or three hours in a train carriage coloured to resemble the insides of someone's nose. To say CityFail has trouble with regularity is quite an understatement. CityFail is incapable of running trains on time - my train tally has discovered that about 55% of trains are late while 3% never arrive, and that's just in a three week period. Considering that trains are two hours apart in some cases, you wonder how they can manage to be so late. There was recently a long weekend, so reliably CityFail took the trains off the tracks and did some maintenance. Elsewhere in the world, train operators can manage to run trains every two minutes and maintain the tracks without closing down lines for days at a time.