07 June 2011

Spin. This is Happening.

I'm late to it, but I love it! Purchased at the same time as Gloss Drop, This Is Happening by LCD Soundsystem is rockin' my boat. I'm the first to admit that Drunk Girls didn't get me in at first, and still it's not a stand out track - at least for me. I'd heard Home a few times when I was forced to listen to Triple J, or Bogan FM as I like to refer to it now, and was excited about the album. Now that I've finally bought a copy I agree that it's terrific and worthy of the consistent four star plus ratings it has received. Lyrically inspiring and musically melancholic This Is Happening sounds like music I was listening to in the 1980s, but not too. Is James teasing? Is it the final hurrah? All I want... More. Zero (the higher the number, the worse the album).