01 July 2011

Spin. Very Exciting.

The Rapture's new track is currently available to stream on Modular's website. How Deep Is Your Love is a cracker of a track channeling disco, rock, the Bee Gees and Italo house. I've become one of those annoying neighbours who hit repeat with volume cranked. The term rapture relates to religon, originally used to describe being lifted or raised out of oneself by some divine power, but recently the term has become confused with ecstacy. Fast forward to 1981 when Blondie released their new wave track Rapture, which was arguably their last great single. It even featured Debbie Harry rapping - and it works. In 1995 Soiuxsie and the Banshees released their final studio album called The Rapture to critical acclaim. In 2011 The Rapture continue a great line with a new album landing soon.