31 August 2011

Flipfactor. In Love with Elsie.

The gorgeous Elsie arrived in my post box a couple of weeks back and I have to report that Elsie is adorable from cover to cover. Produced by a fellow (this isn't Les as far as I know) called Les Jones all the way from Wales, Elsie surprises with very page flipped and even leaves little gifts within its pages. I was pleased, overjoyed even, to see my cover featured a clown in a skip and that inside articles on Paulo's Circus Americano, Found bits & bobs and British Summer fairs both amused and enchanted. I can't wait for the second issue to drop.

30 August 2011

Popcorn. Morsbags.

Cities around the globe are starting to enact bans on plastic bags. Some may say not before time considering the harm they do to innocent animals. Or the resources consumed only to be thrown away and further pollute. I love the Morsbags initiative that sees socially responsible people around the globe create useful funky bags from old bed sheets, curtains and other disused fabrics for everyday use. The bags fold up to the size of a wallet, which makes them easy to take anywhere. If you want to see how they're made, and you'll be in Canberra as Floriade closes, then click here to see what Jenmeister – the creator of the fabulous bags pictured above – has in store.

29 August 2011

Flipfactor. Wired's 20th Anniversary Issue.

It may be the May 2013 issue that I'm reading now, but three months on Wired's 20th anniversary edition is still a ripping read from cover to cover — and there's a nifty on-line version. It's hard to believe that so much has changed in twenty years, that things that we take for granted simply weren't around five to ten years ago, let alone twenty. Well done Wired for a clever, insightful round-up. What will the next twenty years bring? Courageous cover.

28 August 2011

Pie Report. Vegetarian for a Day.

Natural Tucker on Darby Street is a terrific health food store with amazing food including plump pies. Today's vegetarian affair for The Pie Report was beyond delicious, and had I been a bit piggy, I may well have ordered a second pie. A creamy filling and near perfect pastry assured a high score, though it must be said that as a Brussel Sprout should never be boiled, so too a pie never microwaved.

Pumpkin, Spinach & Fetta
4.00 Pastry
4.50 Filling
4.25 Tastiness
3.75 Structure
4.00 Value


27 August 2011

First 13. Spotlight.

Ever garish Spotlight never fails to amaze with its array of goods from party supplies to sewing needs, and storage systems to home decorating. Today's visit netted some candle wick while Martha Stewart's boxes were left on the shelf despite a 50% off sale.

25 August 2011

Found. I am Learning.

I've got an inkling I found this in Canberra, not long after I moved there. Some of my friends who have lived in Canberra, and now don't, refer to it as the city that stole x number of years from their lives. I get what they mean. This post though is about learning, the life-long pursuit that hopefully never leaves us. I loved the blocky pixely text, mistake and all. The work of an artist?

23 August 2011

Glossy. Medical Practice.

Magazines are close to my heart – I love them. I gather and read them, mulching them for imagery and articles. The cover is always the first point of contact, and as such it should amaze, grab and absorb potential readers. It must say, I'm yours! Dating from December 1994, this issue of Medical Practice features a contemporary Sherlock in a classic investigative pose. Nearly twenty years on, the Medifraud coverline is still apt. It's cute.

21 August 2011

Pinboard. Webify Portrait.

Firefox's latest version includes Webify, a little algorithm that creates a collage for you based on responses to a series of questions. I'm intrigued by my resulting portrait above and what it all means. I understand the Lego, film strip and SD card but am bemused by the paints - I can't paint though I often dream I can. The rainbow band suggests I may be a gay hippie, not sure about that either and I can't imagine what the mask means. The pencil could refer to my Blink drawings and the dominos to Midweek Social, as for the rest I can only assume that the Statue of Liberty and Buddha refer to travel and that maybe I do need glasses considering there are two pairs illustrated. What it all reminds me of though is the experience of purchasing music or books on-line. Say you buy a Queens of the Stone Age album on-line, and then you get a recommendation from iTunes that seeing as you bought some rock, you may like some pop. Anyone for Kylie? Incomprehensible.

20 August 2011

First 13. Lake Macquarie.

With several weeks now gone by since Mini Graff's intriguingly interesting talk outlining the differences between street art and graffiti, I'm reminded of just how great the May's Lane Street Art Project exhibition currently touring Australia is. I loved Mini's Gobble work and loads of others in an expertly hung show. Highly Recommended.

Roaming. Water Works.

Of all the careers on offer I sometimes wonder why I chose to be an artist. If I were an accountant say, would I notice things like these bottles? Would I ponder how someone may have gotten wee, if that's what it is, inside? And why was is it a good idea to do that?

18 August 2011

Found. Berlin Bird.

Souvenirs can be odd things, like this little bird I brought home halfway around the world. I found it on the streets of Berlin and was charmed by its beauty.

17 August 2011

Roaming. Lurid Lights.

Ken O'Regan's lurid plastic windows on King Street are spectacular when the sun goes down. Made entirely from plastic bottles and packaging, Ken's windows mimic the stained glass varieties usually found in churches. At night when these windows glow, I look on with wonder at how waste can be worshiped.

14 August 2011

Roaming. Newcastle Carnivale.

Dali would love Newcastle. It's one of those places where you really can't be sure what you might encounter when you step outside the door. Newcastle has a rather charming bogan/cool clash thing going on. Cool won out last Friday night at Ryan Fitzgerald's exhibition. With wine dyed black, a man/lady sipping champagne coyly from a trapeze, an oracle, a roving man playing a harpsicord - I think - and lavishly dressed dancing girls, this was an opening like no other. Ideas for future Midweek Socials were spinning round my head as I watched the man with cornflakes stuck to his head - yes, really. Everyone was in amazing costume with a friendly vibe. And a great show too.

Pie Report. Golden Brown.

The Pie Report has been on hiatus, and for good reason: an unsightly spare tyre appeared around my waist. I've taken to the task of removing said spare tyre to hand with daily dances to favourite tracks, like On The Run by The Flaming Lips or Mr Disco by New Order or Munich by The Editors. After six weeks without a pie, I succumbed today and ordered a Steak Dianne pie from Ridgey Didge Pies in Abermain - alarm bells should have rang. How did it fare? Not well.

Steak Dianne
2.50 Pastry
2.50 Filling
2.00 Tastiness
3.00 Structure
1.00 Value


12 August 2011

Found. Bagged.

Found in Canberra, these drawings on lunch bags show the beginnings of a resourceful young artist. The character at right seems to be modelled on Dame Edna while the fellow in the middle may well be a Kabuki performer. As for the figure on the right, a self-portrait perhaps of our little artist.

08 August 2011

First 13. Great Hall.