21 August 2011

Pinboard. Webify Portrait.

Firefox's latest version includes Webify, a little algorithm that creates a collage for you based on responses to a series of questions. I'm intrigued by my resulting portrait above and what it all means. I understand the Lego, film strip and SD card but am bemused by the paints - I can't paint though I often dream I can. The rainbow band suggests I may be a gay hippie, not sure about that either and I can't imagine what the mask means. The pencil could refer to my Blink drawings and the dominos to Midweek Social, as for the rest I can only assume that the Statue of Liberty and Buddha refer to travel and that maybe I do need glasses considering there are two pairs illustrated. What it all reminds me of though is the experience of purchasing music or books on-line. Say you buy a Queens of the Stone Age album on-line, and then you get a recommendation from iTunes that seeing as you bought some rock, you may like some pop. Anyone for Kylie? Incomprehensible.