30 September 2011

Found. Killer Kangaroo.

This crafty kangaroo was found somewhere in Canberra. In Canberra kangaroos are often found on the sides of roads, run down by motorists in the darkness. In some quarters they see kangaroos as pests. I've always found that to be an absurd argument and consider humans to be much bigger, and more damaging, pests. However, common tales persist that kangaroos can not only drown dogs, but sneak up and attack people...

28 September 2011

Flipfactor. Smith Journal.

It is fantastic to see a new magazine hit the streets with a creative cover that stands well out. The new Smith Journal, from the publishers of Frankie, is elegantly designed, has quirky but smart content and is lovely to hold. It's very flippable with much to read and ogle inside. It was certainly a coup to get Alain de Botton as a contributor, who again astounds with his prescient observations. $11.95 well spent.

23 September 2011

Found. Showing Out.

Years ago I found a few old photo albums in a junk shop. All four were filled with quite bad photographs of doll collections and shows from the 1970s and 1980s including this corker from Rev Raywood's exhibition for the elderly, if the caption on the back is to be believed. I'm a fan of the wallpaper.

20 September 2011

Roaming. Winning Streak.

There's a café by the beach in Newcastle that not only has a winning view and very good coffee, but amazing food. With my preferred salad choice over for the day, I had to make do with a salad built around chick peas - I'm not a fan - or resort to a less healthier option. I'm pleased to report Estabar scored another winner - yummo!

16 September 2011

Found. Bag Pride.

Last week we met the Tattooed Pirate Girl from Canberra. This week we have her friend, a bald headed young girl with fetching handbag. She's shapely and I love how her waist extends well beyond her legs. With a Mannerist neck accentuated by her small heart necklace, this girl stands proud.

14 September 2011

Roaming. Super Colon Man.

Some things stop you in your tracks. I was intrigued to hear of a giant inflatable colon showing at a nearby hospital in Waratah. On foot I made my way there, where sadly the colon was already deflated preparing itself for its next destination on its tour. At least I saw Super Colon Man, a super hero with unimaginable powers.

13 September 2011

First 13. Darby St.

Following a lovely stroll along Merewether Beach, I stumbled upon number 313 on Darby St.

10 September 2011

Roaming. New On King.

Aside from the annoying tags that seem to have appeared overnight on King St, there is now a terrific little Japanese eatery called Asa-Don. With simple and delicious fare, not to mention friendly staff, it's no wonder this little is already a hit with locals.

09 September 2011

Found. Tattooed Pirate Girl.

Perhaps stereotypically, I always think of males when I think of pirates. The clichéd pirate with patch and peg leg just doesn't transfer to the female form. Of course the smoking Pirate Girl at left doesn't really conform anyway. She's wearing a peace emblazoned, fringed Star Trek uniform top coupled with a flared floral skirt - I can't think of any pirates dressed like that. This drawing was found in Canberra years ago with a second one of a very macho looking girl. She would have made a much better pirate, stay tuned for a future Friday Finds to see. Both drawn in red, they reminded me of Arlene Texta Queen's drawings in more ways than one. For now I'm mesmerised by Pirate Girl and her eyes, which to me at least, seem to have been drawn upside down on her face.

08 September 2011

Doodler. Amore.

It seems apt to be listening to Groove Armada's fabulous Lovebox as I post this Doodler from an issue of Voyeur. While I'm not sure about the monobrow and goatee on the fetching model, I can say I'm quite impressed by the drawing of the little soccer playing Lego man. This found issue of Voyeur had lots of terrific drawings throughout, and you can see another one here.

06 September 2011

Art Martha. Haunted by Warhol.

Warhol's Time Capsules never cease to amaze or inspire me. Stumbling across a catalogue from an exhibition of a selection the capsules, I was was reminded of how banal they were, and yet how ultimately interesting. As I sifted through my own boxes I wondered whether anyone would be interested in brightly coloured plastic bottle tops, bird books or photographs of piss. The exhibition was at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne in 2005.

01 September 2011

Found. Two Ladies.

Apparently I'm not alone, many other people out there cherish found photographs, letters, drawings or shopping lists. Visiting from Canberra, I discovered Jenmeister is an avid collector of all of manner of found things. Several years ago I found a sequence of drawings in an op shop find, one of which sits above. I adored them from the outset marvelling at the era from where these glamourous women came.