09 September 2011

Found. Tattooed Pirate Girl.

Perhaps stereotypically, I always think of males when I think of pirates. The clich├ęd pirate with patch and peg leg just doesn't transfer to the female form. Of course the smoking Pirate Girl at left doesn't really conform anyway. She's wearing a peace emblazoned, fringed Star Trek uniform top coupled with a flared floral skirt - I can't think of any pirates dressed like that. This drawing was found in Canberra years ago with a second one of a very macho looking girl. She would have made a much better pirate, stay tuned for a future Friday Finds to see. Both drawn in red, they reminded me of Arlene Texta Queen's drawings in more ways than one. For now I'm mesmerised by Pirate Girl and her eyes, which to me at least, seem to have been drawn upside down on her face.