01 October 2011

Pie Report. A Podgy Affair.

Often bandied about, the term patisserie is often used to describe an average pie shop overcharging for standard, not to say bad, baked goods. Snow's Patisserie is possibly just a notch up, but nevertheless the Moroccan Lamb pie sampled didn't set fireworks alight. Stout and chunky, this pie's pastry was saddled with the task of keeping a bland and brawny filling in place. I may be judging it a little harshly against a posh pie at Buzo Wine Library in Woollahra, which was at least twice the price with all its elements working in harmony, but at best Snow's offering was just on average all things considered.

Moroccan Lamb
2.25 Pastry
3.25 Filling
2.75 Tastiness
2.75 Structure
3.00 Value