23 February 2012

Art Martha. Neighbours.

Normally the word Neighbours sends a shiver down my spine, and it has something to do with an antipodean soap uncomprehendingly adored by the English. In fact, it's completely unfathomable how anyone could like that show. Thankfully Rebecca Shanahan's new work Neighbours has pulled up to the bumper; the word neighbours can stand up with pride again. When darkness falls Rebecca hops on her bike — fitted with hi res camera — and steadily rides past the windows and doors of her inner city street's neighbours. It's a whimsical piece, perhaps a little wrong, and therefore very right. The inner voyeur in us all is satiated through this pondering of the public and private space in an era of unimagined surveillance. Showing on a small screen TV at Rozelle's Eastern Bloc Gallery, Neighbours was accompanied by the largest photographic curtain ever seen (above). Sheer brilliance. Alongside Rebecca's work was Damian Dillon's evocative, and somewhat foggy photo-collage of suburban Rockdale, making their Interzone show the first great show of the year.