22 March 2012

Art Martha. Tray Treats at ACP.

A day spent in Sydney visiting galleries is a treat. While Making Sense, Contemporary LA Photo Artists at the Art Gallery of New South Wales show was something of a disappointment  – works seemed to be taken out of context for no discernible reason – Stills Gallery and the Australian Centre for Photography in Paddington delivered the goods. Magnum Contact Sheets at Stills highlights the rawness and craft of the contact sheet. Charming not-quite-right photographs sit comfortably next to 'the' shot; that final image that articulates the photographer's intent and the mood of the time. A different tact is in play at the ACP with Sascha Weidner presenting her photographs in fast fading photographic trays. With art schools around the country ditching most analogue processes in favour of streamlined digital approaches, it's refreshing to see prints all lined up sitting in the chemicals that bought them to life. The beauty of the work though, is that those very chemicals may also lead to the death of the image as they transform the photographs over the course of the exhibition. Don't miss Unveiled/The Sydney Project. It's a whimsical wonder on Oxford Street.