19 March 2012

Flipfactor. Little Miss Fancy Pants.

Yesterday David Jones shares were placed in a trading halt over concerns that earnings would be hit by fewer people using credit cards to shop. That's the story in a nutshell anyway. Before credit, people used to shop using mail order catalogues, like this one from 1973 which I found in someone's recycling in Surry Hills years ago. Flares were in and you could pick up a pair of Levi's jeans for $12.99 that, if pulled on could pull on freedom – that was the gist of the headline, and I'm not sure what it meant. From to cover to cover there are all manner of modern technologies and fabulous fashions including a purple woolen kaftan for dad. About halfway though, the intriguingly named Curiosity Shoppe appears offering pillow speakers, invisible thread for panty-hose and a 'Snatch-n'-Catch box designed to not only hold tissues, but to store used ones in the car. This catalogue is a time capsule from a bygone era.