23 May 2012

Roaming. Koala on King.

Poor koala. Locked in a King St shopfront with just a potted palm for company.

22 May 2012

Roaming. Heaven.

I'm not sure I need to say anything about number nine. Silk, the King St Hotel, Travelodge, McDonald's, Market Town and reportedly the largest KFC in the southern hemisphere are all nearby establishments, no doubt roaring trade ensues.

21 May 2012

Roaming. Merewether.

A stunning autumn day in beautiful Merewether is certainly something to miss.

20 May 2012

Pie Report. Camel Adventure.

I should have known I was in for trouble by the pained smile on the pie seller's face. My adventurous spirit selected a camel pie from Fredo's bain-marie at Coolongolook — the location should have been a giveaway. It's safe to say this pie was one of the blandest ever reviewed here, and at $5 it was a steep price to pay for something resembling wet dog biscuits. I'm also at a loss as to why Fredo Pies — famous for their crocodile pies — use Marilyn as a mascot. Any answers?

1.00 Pastry
0.50 Filling
0.50 Tastiness
2.00 Structure
1.00 Value


13 May 2012

Roaming. Farm Life.

Today's post is a list. A list of some of the cows named by my folks on their little farm out west: Daisy, Heidi, Sally, Nicole, Gemma, Sadie, Annie, Licourice (sic), Mumma, Red, Caramel, Kate, Iris, Pearl, Mia, Shirley, Edna, Taurus, Rex, Olive, Jedda, Blackie, Rosie, Maizie, Derek, Bess, Trixie, Angel, Cloey (sic), Elvis, Hannah, Marsha, Lucy, Fred, Wilma, Queenie, Anzac, Judas and Sam.

12 May 2012

Popcorn. Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, especially my own.

Roaming. Decisions.

A uniquely Novocastrian juxtaposition of irresistible signs just off Hunter Street Mall.

10 May 2012

Glossy. Horsing Around.

Maurizio Cattelan's cover for New York magazine confirms his status as one of the more intriguing artists on the planet. And funny too. I've mentioned his magazine Toiletpaper before; I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

07 May 2012

Roaming. Pep Up.

Mother's Day is not far away, but it seems that every day is a Mother day on the streets of Newcastle.

05 May 2012

Roaming. Needlework.

One of Newcastle's charms is its quirky shopfronts. The often desolate Hunter St is home to Stereo Needles (pictured), a restaurant called Il Volcano with a suitably decorated interior, and a shop for collectors decorated outside with portraits of The Beatles.