28 August 2012

Good Art #1. Exotic Cage Birds.

I found myself at Islington Museum on the weekend to see a photographic exhibition Medieval Meets Modern. While it was interesting, I was more enchanted by the local history display, in particular the collages from a previous exhibition Malicious Damage: the Life and Crimes of Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell in Islington. Using books in Islington Public Library on Essex Rd, the pair would not only rewrite blurbs for what they viewed as boring books, but also create humorous collages for the covers. Word has it that they would smuggle stolen books back in and sit back and watch the reactions of library users. For their arty escapades the pair served six months in prison. As a lover of collage, I found these works amusing and an apt inaugural Good Art, a new irregular column featuring art works I love.

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