30 September 2012

Art Martha. Arch 402.

Providing a warm chuckle, Dearly Departed at Arch 402 Gallery in Hoxton was well worth the walk-in. Molly Russell's intriguing, I wanted to say naive (it is and isn't) exhibition is entertaining, educational and thoughtful. Made in collaboration with master coffin makers JC Atkinson of Tyne & Wear, Molly has created life-sized coffins for animals including one for a giraffe. A giraffe! While the show is laugh out-loud funny, it is underpinned by the sadness associated with the death of a pet. Though less successful, the charming video installation Frite featuring Molly's beloved disco-dancing rabbit is poignant. It's sweet. It's funny. I laughed, but in comparison to the coffins, it felt somewhat unresolved. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this show and look forward to seeing more from Molly in the future. Picture by Vivian Russell.

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