21 September 2012

Art Martha. Brainwashed.

Lurking behind a mohawked Mona Lisa was an exhibition by Mr Brainwash; either a Banksy creation or Paris born, Los Angeles based, documentary film maker Thierry Guetta, depending on what you believe. Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop illuminated Mr Brainwash's talent as an artist, which is further proven with sell-out shows; apparently. Security was tight with entry into the show not unlike the procedure for boarding an international flight. Bouncers watched on as punters ogled works that can best be described as repetitive, paint-spluttered copies of master works. That's not to say they don't have charm, they do. Part Warhol, part sampled old master, part advertising all spun through a Koons production line spat out for the masses is one way to sum-up these works. They seem made for a multi-tasking, celebrity obsessed, rock-star generation, who in turn create their own smart phone snaps to post on Facebook. Although I have reservations and questions — are they appropriations or brash copies? Fine art or poster art? — I have to confess that, good art or bad art, I was oddly mesmerised by the show not to mention happy to stumble on it.

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