09 October 2012

Good Art #6. Spazio di Luce.

Giuseppe Penone's Spazio di Luce (Space of Light) is the current Bloomberg Commission at Whitechapel Gallery. I've been back twice to experience its undeniable presence and golden beauty, with a third trip on the cards. It's an exquisite piece. The intricately detailed larch tree stretches twelve metres, with its bronze segments suggesting animal forms. That's probably just me as I saw a herd of reindeer enter in single file as if on a catwalk. Maybe that's my memory of camping in Swedish forest over the summer where herds of these magical beasts were common. Peaceful, yet forceful, Spazio de Luce makes the pulse rate through stillness. It's one of those works where words can't describe its wonder adequately; it needs to be experienced. The good news is it'll be on display though to August 2013.

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