27 November 2012

Glossy. Courting Controversy.

I covet Coverjunkie. It always leaves me wanting more, and I'm astounded by how they manage to publish so many covers so regularly. I really can't keep up, but at least now I can red star my favourites for reviewing.

26 November 2012

Pinboard. Dordrecht Focus.

New splash images featuring Dordrecht, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, are now on Turnstile.

Good Art 11#. Harry Turtle.

The inspiration night mentioned in Art Martha last Friday revealed Harry Turtle by Rembo & Rembo. Absurd? Absolutely.

First 13. Dance School.

Shootin' Gallery: Dordrecht. Netherlands. Thirteen.

25 November 2012

24 November 2012

Found. Amsterdam.

This comes straight off a street in my old Amsterdam neighbourhood, now popular with trendy yummy mummies. Almost unrecognisable.

23 November 2012

Art Martha. Inspiration.

Inspiration, what it is, where it comes from and how it materialises in finished art works make it a stimulating topic to ponder. A few weeks ago at Singel 222, I along with a packed room of interested people, were treated to a presentation of film and video clips put together by two Dordrecht creators, Nada and Daan. For nearly two hours I was transfixed as a motley, sometimes assaulting, assortment of clips flicked past. It became clear the pair have an interest in dogs, youth culture, young women, funny porn, art and deep dark films including Underground, American Beauty and Eraserhead. While the clips amused, shocked and disgusted it was question time at the end that produced heated discussion. Forget Lederhosen and Smurf porn, it was the inclusion of a cheesy Dirty Dancing clip that garnered most attention. A man questioned the interest in something so old, which struck me as odd. Does it matter? If it inspires, it inspires. Oddly, I could see how the clip inspired them, and not by their work, but by their presence. It was a great night, and I breathed a sigh of relief to learn that the song I love — and now know it's name — is not by Nicky Minaj, but by someone called Azealia Banks. Great clip.

First 13. Wijnstraat.

Shootin' Gallery. Dordrecht. Netherlands. Thirteen. White.

22 November 2012

Roaming. Blackpool Lane.

Shootin' Gallery: Blackpool. England. Murals. Women.

Pinboard. Turnstile's A to Z.

A to Z on Turnstile is now part of Shootin' Gallery. Why not check it out and see where it takes you?

20 November 2012

Roaming. Zwarte Piet.

Shootin' Gallery: Dordrecht. Netherlands. Window Shopping. Zwarte Piet.

Glossy. Four More For Obama.

Inspiring current world leaders are in short supply, so it's reassuring that Obama secured a second term. Here's hoping he hits his stride this term and cleans up what was left behind for him four years ago. In the meantime, four covers for four years. Or, eight here.

19 November 2012

Good Art #10. Sip My Ocean.

Rotterdam's Museum Boijmans van Beuningen has a fabulous Pipilotti Rist piece installed above a stairway at the moment. It reminded me of her 1996 work Sip My Ocean — I was infatuated with it at the Biennale of Sydney in 2000. As I did with Teaching A Plant The Alphabet, I went back time and time again to watch the hypervideo clip in all its glitchy glory, never tiring of her maniacal cover version of Chris Isaac's beautiful Wicked Game. It's a winning combination, and watching it on You Tube now years later, I'm still rather fond of it. I've already hit repeat once. Twice.

15 November 2012

Roaming. Daschunds.

Shootin' Gallery: Dogs. Netherlands. Stripes.

14 November 2012

First 13. Oude Maas.

Shootin' Gallery: Netherlands. Thirteen.

13 November 2012

Glossy. Elephant.

Produced in the Netherlands, this issue of Elephant is all about London. From the creators of Frame and Mark, Elephant is an art magazine with high production values, elegant design and great flipability.

12 November 2012

Pinboard. Knees Up London Walks.

London is the centre of the universe, a claim confirmed by George Michael at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. Aiming to further prove that claim is Paul Anthony's fantastic new walking tour, Knees Up London Walks, launching this Thursday, 15 November 2012. Join the tour to get the lowdown on tall tales, arresting anecdotes and the zigzag of London streets, lanes and narrow alleyways all with a great sense of fun and a drink or two along the way. Paul's knowledge of the city that never sleeps is impressive, covering history, pop culture, ghost tales and far more. For more information see Knees Up London Walks and book yourself in for a rollicking trek around London's heart in brilliant company. Knees Up!

Good Art #9. Tudor Towers.

Adam Norton makes great art. You may have seen his outlandish Tank Project, a City of Sydney commission for Live Lanes – By George! in 2008, which was a brazen work displaying Adam's trademark sense of humour. As much I enjoyed the Tank Project, Tudor Towers (above) is today's Good Art. Adam showed me this painting ten or more years ago in a Surry Hills studio, and I've never forgotten it. It's one of my favourite paintings. Traipsing London's streets these past few months I was reminded of its brilliance many times. I kept looking at London's tower blocks imagining how extraordinary they would be with Tudor facades. I've never thought of it before, but maybe Adam's work informed my interest in Mock Tudor. Regardless, this painting still charms me all these years on. When I earn some money, I'll put it on my must buy list.

11 November 2012

Doodler. Smokin'.

This devil-esque lady is a little surreal. The poor woman has been given a pore strip. I've always found those band-aid like strips designed to clean out your blackheads a little odd. Even more odd is this You Tube video showing you how to make your own pore strips. I wonder if she has an instructional video about how to decorate your fingernails?

Pinboard. Knees Up London Walks.

Paul Anthony's exciting new venture Knees Up London Walks begins this week. Paul and I have been working furiously to prepare website, flyer, logo, postcard and business cards, all of which you can see above. If you're going to, or are in London, be sure to book a tour. Not only is it a fun and social day out, it's informative and interesting as well.

10 November 2012

Found. Bucket In A Polaroid Picture.

A red bucket on a non-descript drive way is typical of a photograph taken by my aunty. She never composed an image; she can barely operate a camera. Lillian was too busy talking to someone or yelling at a dog to get out of the way than to compose an image. I've held onto this polaroid for many years, but I've never interrogated it before. It's eerie, it's beautiful — a lazy word, I know — and it reminds me of my childhood. In it I can see my own direction, and I've never seen that until today. Uncanny world we live in.

08 November 2012

Roaming. Pinocchio Passion.

Shootin' Gallery: Dordrecht. Netherlands. Windows.

06 November 2012

Glossy. Election Day.

Adbusters's cover is both creepy and clever, and the Coke/Pepsi analogy is smart.

First 13. No. No. No.

Shootin' Gallery: Red. Signs. Thirteen.

05 November 2012

Good Art #8. The Clock.

Imagine if you will, a video installation running for 24 hours that you actually want to sit through. Christian Marclay has created it, it's called The Clock and it's this week's Good Art. I was completely mesmerised by it when I saw it at the MCA in Sydney earlier this year. Without any knowledge of the work, I sat and watched time unfold enjoying the juxtaposition of clips from different eras. While I was aware of time it hadn't clicked that the time was now. Time flew, and time was short and I had to leave. Outside I checked the time, knowing I was late for my appointment, but not realising just how late I was and that the time outside was the same as the time inside. Astonished, I made my way with The Clock never leaving my thoughts. Six months on, it's still doing my head in. Seek it out if you've not experienced it.

Pinboard. Toos Neger International Gastatelier.

Southern Dutch city Dordrecht is my current base. I'll be in residence at the Toos Neger International Gastatelier for three months working on several art projects. It's both exciting and daunting; there's much to be done.

04 November 2012

Spin. Charmer.

Charmer is Aimee Mann's eighth album, and at just under 38 minutes my only complaint is it's not long enough. Sharp lyrics matched to upbeat melodies and Aimee's distinctive voice leaves me wanting more. Gamma Ray, Barfly and Crazytown are stand out tracks. And while I love this album, I'm With Stupid is still my firm favourite.