23 November 2012

Art Martha. Inspiration.

Inspiration, what it is, where it comes from and how it materialises in finished art works make it a stimulating topic to ponder. A few weeks ago at Singel 222, I along with a packed room of interested people, were treated to a presentation of film and video clips put together by two Dordrecht creators, Nada and Daan. For nearly two hours I was transfixed as a motley, sometimes assaulting, assortment of clips flicked past. It became clear the pair have an interest in dogs, youth culture, young women, funny porn, art and deep dark films including Underground, American Beauty and Eraserhead. While the clips amused, shocked and disgusted it was question time at the end that produced heated discussion. Forget Lederhosen and Smurf porn, it was the inclusion of a cheesy Dirty Dancing clip that garnered most attention. A man questioned the interest in something so old, which struck me as odd. Does it matter? If it inspires, it inspires. Oddly, I could see how the clip inspired them, and not by their work, but by their presence. It was a great night, and I breathed a sigh of relief to learn that the song I love — and now know it's name — is not by Nicky Minaj, but by someone called Azealia Banks. Great clip.

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