12 November 2012

Good Art #9. Tudor Towers.

Adam Norton makes great art. You may have seen his outlandish Tank Project, a City of Sydney commission for Live Lanes – By George! in 2008, which was a brazen work displaying Adam's trademark sense of humour. As much I enjoyed the Tank Project, Tudor Towers (above) is today's Good Art. Adam showed me this painting ten or more years ago in a Surry Hills studio, and I've never forgotten it. It's one of my favourite paintings. Traipsing London's streets these past few months I was reminded of its brilliance many times. I kept looking at London's tower blocks imagining how extraordinary they would be with Tudor facades. I've never thought of it before, but maybe Adam's work informed my interest in Mock Tudor. Regardless, this painting still charms me all these years on. When I earn some money, I'll put it on my must buy list.

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