05 November 2012

Good Art #8. The Clock.

Imagine if you will, a video installation running for 24 hours that you actually want to sit through. Christian Marclay has created it, it's called The Clock and it's this week's Good Art. I was completely mesmerised by it when I saw it at the MCA in Sydney earlier this year. Without any knowledge of the work, I sat and watched time unfold enjoying the juxtaposition of clips from different eras. While I was aware of time it hadn't clicked that the time was now. Time flew, and time was short and I had to leave. Outside I checked the time, knowing I was late for my appointment, but not realising just how late I was and that the time outside was the same as the time inside. Astonished, I made my way with The Clock never leaving my thoughts. Six months on, it's still doing my head in. Seek it out if you've not experienced it.

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