20 January 2013

Spin. Lost Sirens.

My adoration of New Order began while pumping gas in a Sydney service station. The (still) fresh pulsating beat of Blue Monday blasted out of the radio, and that was it, I was hooked. They're back with Lost Sirens, which goes someway to recovering ground following their career low-point last album, Waiting For The Sirens Call. Lost Sirens kicks off well enough with the Brotherhood-ish I'll Stay With You. It segues into Raise The Pressure era Electronic — a Sumner and Marr band of which more will be heard — with Sugarcane, a pop track referencing Madonna's Vogue of all things. It's fun, and a Kylie vocal would have been a masterful touch. Trademark New Order melancholy follows with Recoil, Californian Grass, Hellbent and Shake It Up (Twisted Tenderness era Electronic). All in all Lost Sirens isn't a bad effort, and Pitchfork's score of 6.8 is probably fair — though I think they were generous with 7.9 for Waiting For The Siren's Call. Word has it that New Order are set to record and electronic inspired album without Hooky, but with Gillian back in the band. For now Power, Corruption and Lies, Low-Life and Technique still reign supreme as New Order's best albums.

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