18 March 2013

Glossy. Colors Goes To Market.

The latest issue of Colors is all about markets. It's a return to form for this insightful and informative magazine that takes a global view of issues surrounding markets. Eye opening and fun.

17 March 2013

Good Art #22. The Picture Collection.

Photography and categorisation have long made for good bed partners with Taryn Simon's latest work, The Picture Collection, illustrating the point clearly. With 12,000 subjects this new work mines the New York Public Library's vast archive to show idiosyncratic classification systems and ideas resulting in a compelling piece. I'm in awe, a trip to New York in the offing?

12 March 2013

Glossy. Stuffed.

I can't get enough of Toiletpaper magazine. You never know what you'll be presented with as you flip from page to page.