30 June 2013

Roaming. Low Wind Area.

Shootin' Gallery: Finland. Mariehamn. Signs.

29 June 2013

Roaming. No Dogs.

Shootin' Gallery: Animals. Dogs. Finland. Mariehamn. No.

28 June 2013

Roaming. Ă…land Deer.

Shootin' Gallery: Animals. Finland. Mariehamn.

27 June 2013

Roaming. No One Left To Vote For.

Shootin' Gallery: Hunter St. Newcastle. Redheads.

Roaming. I Want You.

Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Graffiti. Statements. Walls.

26 June 2013

Roaming. Brick Wall.

 Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Mirrors. Walls.

25 June 2013

Glossy. In Profile.

Another inventive cover from Volkskrant magazine. This one's a joint effort by photographer Luka Gobel with post production by Jan Hibma. Brilliant, if slightly disturbing.

Roaming. Flashing Gnomes.

 Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Couples. Gnomes. Lewd.

24 June 2013

Good Art #27. Self Portrait at Jake's Yesterday & Today.

I know very little about Dave Muller, but I love his paintings, particularly the musically inspired ones. I'm of the opinion that you can never go wrong with a mirror ball; they scream party and disco. Dave's large mirror balls are clever portraits, in that they reveal little about the sitter as they loom large overhead. I'm intrigued by his compositions, the displaced gallery installation and the elegant simplicity that makes me want one.

Roaming. Green Zone.

 Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Green. Sport.

23 June 2013

Roaming. Cat Lady.

 Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Cats. Orange.

22 June 2013

Roaming. Spilt Paint.

 Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Red. Spills.

21 June 2013

Roaming. Wicked Grin.

 Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Faces. Graffiti. Grey.

20 June 2013

Roaming. You.

 Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Cats. Orange. Tigers. Window Shop.

19 June 2013

First 13. Lotto.

Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Thirteen. Window Shop.

17 June 2013

Roaming. Smoking.

Shootin' Gallery: England. Manchester. Murals. Smoking. Women.

Good Art #26. The 387 Houses of Peter Fritz.

One of my favourite biennale experiences is the inspirational 4th Berlin Biennale held in 2006 curated by Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni and Ali Subotnick. Unless my mother wins Lotto, I'll not be going to Venice Biennale this year, but it's terrific to know that those going will get to experience The 387 Houses of Peter Fritz (via DesignBoom), a highlight of both biennales. Meticulously created by Austrian insurance clerk Peter Fritz using scraps of cardboard, paper and other refuse, this astounding collection was discovered by Oliver Croy in a junk store in the 1990s. While the various buildings are representations of architectural styles rather than being based on actual structures, the resulting installation is nothing short of gob-smacking. I was so impressed back in 2006 that I bought the book Sondermodelle.

16 June 2013

Roaming. Ledge.

Shootin' Gallery: England. Manchester. Pot Plants. Windows.

15 June 2013

Roaming. Red House.

Shootin' Gallery: England. Houses. Manchester. Murals. Red.

Art Martha. Hunterian Museum.

London's Hunterian Museum delves into the world of medicine and surgery, but it's not for the squeamish. Featuring display case after display case of the sometimes gory inner workings of the body, diseased limbs, cross sections of an elephant's trunk and far more left an impression on me. I spent hours inside captivated by all manner of medical wonders. If you're going to London, this is a must see.

14 June 2013

Roaming. Blue Suit.

Shootin' Gallery: Blue. England. Graffiti. Manchester. Men. Signs.

Pie Report. Mushie Goodness.

Georgetown Bakery in Newcastle looks reasonably unappealing from the street, yet it's not a bad bakery in the traditional Australian way. All the favourites are there: vanilla slices, neenish tarts, finger buns and apple pies. You're looking at a mushroom pie encased in tasty golden pastry here, a rather good lunch offering.

Mushroom Pie
4.00 Pastry
3.50 Filling
3.25 Tastiness
4.00 Structure
4.00 Value


13 June 2013

Roaming. Passing Through.

Shootin' Gallery: England. Manchester. Pavements. Shadows.

Flipfactor. Frankenstein's Cat.

Frankenstein's Cat is a riveting read from Emily Anthes. Her exploration of technological advancement never ceased to astound, charting both successes and ethical dilemmas. Emily has argued a compelling case both for and against resulting in a thought provoking read guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Grab it and ponder the future. 

12 June 2013

Roaming. Vigilant.

Shootin' Gallery: England. Manchester. Men.

Roaming. Leafy Green.

Shootin' Gallery: Bins. England. Green. Manchester.

11 June 2013

Spin. Still Haven't Found.

While I've liked many a U2 song, I've never been a fan. In 1987 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For was released and struck a chord with me. It's a great track; it's held its own. But I find myself hating it now, possibly because I've realised that just maybe I won't ever find what I'm looking for. Not because I don't know, I do, but what I'm looking for changes so frequently. As an aside, one of the best U2 covers is Where The Streets Have No Name by the illustrious Pet Shop Boys.

Glossy. Life.

Flavorwire published their take on Life Magazine's greatest ten covers a little while back. It was an interesting selection, and we'd all have our own choices. Life's general archive is impressive and well worth whiling away some time on. For now here's the December 6, 1954 cover.

07 June 2013

Popcorn. Manky Monoblocs.

There is a particular type of plastic chair I can't bear. They're often white or dark green but can come in other shades too. They're known as Monoblocs and are the cheapest of mass-produced plastic chairs going. They're ubiquitous, tacky and so ugly that the city of Basel in Switzerland has a law against them being used in outdoor cafes. I learnt this in Susan Freinkel's fantastic, Plastic book, a must read. She suggests they're an emblem of a 'Walmartised world'. I say we need a global ban.

06 June 2013

Roaming. Klompen.

Shootin' Gallery: Klompen. Netherlands. Volendam. Yellow.

05 June 2013

Popcorn. If You Are The One.

Dating shows don't get much better than If You Are The One, a fast moving program from China giving twenty four Chinese women the opportunity to win a date with the man of their dreams. In round one the women decide if they like the man presented to them. Or not, turning out their light if they're not interested. The fun begins when the host asks one of the women why they extinguished their light: "He's too fat" or "I don't like his teeth" are typical responses. The girls also get to ask their own, often pointed, questions. For example this one to a young artist: "Are you one of those artists who sits in the corner at night and laments life?" She wasn't being saddled with no no-hoper artist. Compelling viewing, often hilarious.

Spin. Disco Dazzler.

My song of the year so far goes to Daft Punk's Get Lucky for one main reason, Nile Rodgers and the Chic vibe within. I can't see myself getting sick of this song. Really, how can you not love disco? In related news, How to dance properly on Get Lucky is the coolest clip going, a clever fusion of disco dancing from Soul Train with Get Lucky. Take me back. Love it.

04 June 2013

Roaming. Golden Glow.

Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Gold. Windows.

Glossy. Look.

I love this cover, the second Look from New York Magazine. Red eyes never looked so good.

Roaming. Goat Patrol.

Shootin' Gallery: Animals. Goats. Netherlands. Volendam.

03 June 2013

Good Art #25. Untitled (Newsweek).

The Sound of Silence at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam is one of the best exhibitions I've seen in the past year. Alfredo Jaar's political, observant and conscience Untitled (Newsweek) looks at the covers of Newsweek as a story of massacre unfolds in Rwanda. The work brings to attention newsworthiness, value and perhaps sadly, humanity. It's best seen, Alfredo's website is the place to go if it's not at a gallery near you.

Roaming. In Transit.

Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Wheelbarrows. Witches' Hats.

Popcorn. Paper Giants.

Well done ABC on the riveting Magazine Wars, a rip-roaring tale about mass-market magazines New Idea and Woman's Day, and their respective editors Dulcie Boling and the larger than life Nene King. The first episode in a two part series takes us back to the late 1980s when New Idea reigned supreme, gradually moving into the early 1990s and up to the historic moment when Woman's Day took the crown with the help of one royal toe-sucking escapade. Capturing the heart and soul of magazine publishing, this series bursts with fun and drama, tears and laughter. The always excellent Rachel Griffiths does Dulcie well, but I'm not sure about the portrayal of Richard Walsh — Alana House says he's too smirky, and I agree. I can't wait for Sunday to roll around for the finale.

02 June 2013

Roaming. In Sync Growth.

Shootin' Gallery: Antwerp. Belgium. Pot Plants. Upturned.