03 June 2013

Popcorn. Paper Giants.

Well done ABC on the riveting Magazine Wars, a rip-roaring tale about mass-market magazines New Idea and Woman's Day, and their respective editors Dulcie Boling and the larger than life Nene King. The first episode in a two part series takes us back to the late 1980s when New Idea reigned supreme, gradually moving into the early 1990s and up to the historic moment when Woman's Day took the crown with the help of one royal toe-sucking escapade. Capturing the heart and soul of magazine publishing, this series bursts with fun and drama, tears and laughter. The always excellent Rachel Griffiths does Dulcie well, but I'm not sure about the portrayal of Richard Walsh — Alana House says he's too smirky, and I agree. I can't wait for Sunday to roll around for the finale.

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