11 August 2013

Pie Report. Leek & Fennel.

According to recent reports in the Newcastle Herald, Maitland is aiming to be the Melbourne of the north. It seems like council is pulling a long bow right now, but a trip to Maitland is always interesting. On the last trip I dined in the rather good café at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery devouring a leek and fennel pie in record time. It was a taste sensation from start to finish hidden under a slightly eccentric, but blinding salad, of rocket, bean sprouts and pomegranate pips. On the art front, Jaspers Knight's exhibition was an unexpected treat while across the road at Twig & Moss, a rather eclectic collection of hand-crafted goods were available in an eccentric display.

Leek & Fennel
4.50 Pastry
4.75 Filling
4.75 Tastiness
4.00 Structure
3.75 Value


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