19 January 2014

Pinboard. Interested Party.

As often happens to me, a man called out as I walked around Amsterdam Zuid. "Meneer! Meneer!" said the Moroccan man. My initial reaction was to keep walking, I knew what was to come — questions. The man had seen me photograph a port-a-loo, those mobile toilets available in a range of colours across the spectrum that have become a common sight in many parts of the world. He was curious, perplexed even. Perhaps I bring on this attention myself, I photograph odd things from plastic bags to undies and much more besides. The man was genuinely interested and we ended up chatting for some time despite my limited Dutch. He spoke of his daughter's interest in photography, and how eager she was to study it. But he wanted her to do business management so she could make a lot of money, perhaps more than he could in his coffee-shop. We bid farewell, and I left with a warm experience bought into being by an orange bio box.

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