03 January 2014

Popcorn. Stood Out.

It's holiday season. I'm sat here cleaning up old computer files, a laborious and long overdue task not without some fun. I stumbled on an old Word document from when I lived in Bowral. For some reason I decided to record the one thing from the previous day that stood out most. Here's what I found.

I started six days into the month. On day six I walked down the hill into town on a drizzly day where I saw an older woman wearing a bright red rain hat and coat teamed with matching wellies. I was chased by a mother duck protecting her eighteen ducklings on day seven. I watched with great interest on day eight the movement of a tiger snake in the garden. Day nine I watched young magpies learn to fly. I missed a few days. Day thirteen I recall thinking about how life deals some people repeated hard blows. Day fourteen I purchased a Murdoch paper, something I haven't done since, and appreciated The Australian’s new design even though the content was as dull and ignorant as ever. Day fifteen I laughed loudly at The Royle Family. I missed a couple more days. Day eighteen I went to the library where I was impressed by the friendliness of the local librarians. I was in Sydney on Day nineteen where I noted the trustworthiness of a restauranteur. Day twenty I was intrigued by a woman wearing lacey black clothing who spent $348 at the Mittagong Vinnies on furniture. I missed another day. Day twenty-two was hot; I noticed how fragile plants were in the sweltering heat. Day twenty-three anger strikes as one of my hard drives gave up the ghost after just seven months of little use. I stopped before month end, missing the last week of the month. It's nice to know what you forgot.

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