14 February 2014

Good Art #32. 100,000 $1 Bills On The Wall.

Hans Peter Feldmann is inspirational. I can't think of a single work by him that I don't adore, and any one of them could have a Good Art. But I have chosen this one, 100,000 $1 Bills On A Wall. There's a good overview of the work's history by Carol Vogel on The New York Times website and you can see more images on ever cool Colossal. The image above hints at the awe of the work, and yet it appears bland, the insipid green of the ubiquitous dollar note hung en masse providing a hue not dissimilar to an office illuminated solely by 1980s fluorescent lights. In some ways the work is about dreams, perhaps even the realisation of dreams you didn't know you had. Both serious and darkly funny, it raises many questions.

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