07 March 2014

Pinboard. Westduinen.

I'll take any chance to go walking, particularly somewhere I've never been before. Wednesday's weather was perfect to visit Westduinen in Den Haag with DCR's Jacqueline (thanks for the intriguing anecdotes), Heath Bunting and Juanita. The plan was to experience nature, but with the Netherlands being significantly reclaimed from the sea, just how much was natural? It seems the dunes are not, complete with old bunkers from wars past. Out to sea you could see oil rigs, and at either end of the beach industrialisation in the form of leisure at one end and steaming smoke stacks at the other. Thanks to Heath's knowledge, we sampled various edible weeds and flowers, though I have to say my baked prawns from the fish shop at the end of the walk was the taste sensation.

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