30 April 2014

Roaming. Vibrant.

Shootin' Gallery: Amsterdam. Flowers. Netherlands. Windows.

29 April 2014

28 April 2014

Art Martha. Generator Strandbeest.

There's something prehistoric about Theo Jansen's rather odd sculptures, part of his installation Generator Strandbeest showing now in Electriciteits Fabrique near the centre of Den Haag. One of the problems with using such an interesting venue, particularly one that the public doesn't have access to normally, is ensuring that building and art don't compete for audience attention. Here the space enhances the work, giving it another dimension more in line with an archeological dig. Or a sci-fi film, I couldn't help but think of the desert scenes in first Star Wars film. It's as if you have stepped back into the past and into the future in one stride. I spent a good hour or more wandering around, watching the audience interact with some of the beasts as well as spending some time looking at the museum-like installation of component parts. Highly recommended, an odd yet warming experience.

27 April 2014

Roaming. Koningsdag.

Shootin' Gallery: Arrows. Haarlem. Knobs. Netherlands. Orange. Signs.

Roaming. Big Snake.

Shootin' Gallery: Amsterdam. Buildings. Murals. Netherlands. Snakes.

26 April 2014

Roaming. Jordaan Sunset.

Shootin' Gallery: Amsterdam. Netherlands. Sunsets.

25 April 2014

Pinboard. Guest Who 2.

A good part of my time in the Satelliet Groep studio in Den Haag recently was spent researching a new project called Parliament, the title taken from the collective noun for a group of owls. Whilst there is a slightly humorous slant involved, the work aims to question the role of surveillance, privacy, ego and photography in an installation utilising audience performance and webcasts. To kick things off I took part in Guest Who #2 a month or so ago giving a very quick ten minute intro into the ideas, references and likely outcome of the project. The image above is the poster for We Live In Public, an intriguing documentary that has provided a source of inspiration for Parliament. Recommended viewing. Thanks to everyone who responded to the questions I gave out, I was quite interested to note a general indifference to the idea of privacy. If you have a few moments to spare, I'd be interesting to hear your thoughts:

How do you feel about surveillance? Privacy?

What books or films can you recommend on the theme?

Do you think our democratically elected governments work? How could they be improved?

Any other thoughts or comments?

Art Martha. European Populism.

The Melkweg is one of Amsterdam's key music venues where the best bands perform live and films and documentaries with a musical theme can be seen. There's also a gallery where The Rise of Populism in Europe is currently on show, a compelling exhibition looking at the state of humanity and politics across Europe. The artists involved are: Andrea Gjestvang, Ed Thompson, Jan-Joseph Stok, Dirk-Jan Visser, Wendy Marijnissen, Tinka & Frank Dietz, Maria Turchenkova, Rami Hanafi, Nico Baumgarten and The Prism. If you're in or close to Amsterdam drop in quick, there's only a week left.

24 April 2014

Roaming. Old Art.

Shootin' Gallery: Benches. Blue. Haarlem. Netherlands. Museums.

23 April 2014

Roaming. The Butcher.

Shootin' Gallery: Haarlem. Netherlands. Pigs. Window Shop.

22 April 2014

Roaming. Come Inside.

Shootin' Gallery: Haarlem. Netherlands. Red Carpet.

21 April 2014

First 13. Double Trouble.

Shootin' Gallery: Haarlem. Netherlands. Thirteen.

20 April 2014

Roaming. Springtime.

Shootin' Gallery: Flowers. Haarlem. Netherlands. Yellow.

19 April 2014

Roaming. This Is Your Captain.

Shootin' Gallery: Amsterdam. Mascots. Men. Netherlands. Red.

18 April 2014

Roaming. Behind Bars.

Shootin' Gallery: Amsterdam. Netherlands. Paste-Ups. Windows.

17 April 2014

Roaming. Eyes On You.

Shootin' Gallery: Faces. Haarlem. Netherlands. Plastic Bags.

16 April 2014

Roaming. The Archer.

Shootin' Gallery: Haarlem. Netherlands. Windows. Women.

15 April 2014

Art Martha. Facadism.

Facadism is a quirky show curated by Eelco van der Lingen at Nest in Den Haag, and it's well worth the trip. Sarah & Charles rely on enchanting colour for their eye-popping video installation where an intriguing dance unfolds in pastel hues. Dominique Teufen's installation plays with shades of grey, the aftermath of a party where all objects and furniture in a large room have been drained of colour. It's slightly unsettling, as if you've walked into a giant black and white photograph, and it's rather clever. Also smart is Bernd Oppl's playful sculptures and installations that trip your sense of perception out. The show closes this weekend. Be sure to pop into Zaal 3 afterwards for a quick bite to eat, good coffee and a gezellig atmosphere with the friendliest service in town.

Roaming. Fighting Chance.

Shootin' Gallery: Haarlem. Netherlands. Paint. Sperm.

14 April 2014

Roaming. Granny Patrol.

Shootin' Gallery: Haarlem. Murals. Netherlands. Women.

13 April 2014

Roaming. Brickwork.

Shootin' Gallery: Haarlem. Netherlands. Pavements.

12 April 2014

Roaming. Tea Time.

Shootin' Gallery: Haarlem. Netherlands. Monkeys. Window Shop.

11 April 2014

Roaming. Princess Puss.

Shootin' Gallery: Bags. Cats. Haarlem. Netherlands. Princesses.

10 April 2014

Roaming. Twin Peaks.

Shootin' Gallery: Den Haag. Green. Mountains. Murals. Netherlands.

09 April 2014

Roaming. Music Festival.

Shootin' Gallery: Den Haag. Netherlands.

08 April 2014

Roaming. I Can't Come Out To Play.

Shootin' Gallery: Birds. Den Haag. Netherlands. Windows.

07 April 2014

06 April 2014

Roaming. Leisure Pursuit.

Shootin' Gallery: Dartboards. Den Haag. Netherlands. Shop Windows.

Roaming. Madurodam.

Shootin' Gallery: Arty. Den Haag. Netherlands.

02 April 2014

01 April 2014

Roaming. Cat In A Box.

Shootin' Gallery: Cats. Den Haag. Netherlands.