15 April 2014

Art Martha. Facadism.

Facadism is a quirky show curated by Eelco van der Lingen at Nest in Den Haag, and it's well worth the trip. Sarah & Charles rely on enchanting colour for their eye-popping video installation where an intriguing dance unfolds in pastel hues. Dominique Teufen's installation plays with shades of grey, the aftermath of a party where all objects and furniture in a large room have been drained of colour. It's slightly unsettling, as if you've walked into a giant black and white photograph, and it's rather clever. Also smart is Bernd Oppl's playful sculptures and installations that trip your sense of perception out. The show closes this weekend. Be sure to pop into Zaal 3 afterwards for a quick bite to eat, good coffee and a gezellig atmosphere with the friendliest service in town.

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